West Coast Model Rally Club Live Timing - 2012 Ryper Hobbies AARCMCC WA 1/10th Electric Offroad State Titles - Please remember these results are subject to change and are to be used as a guide only
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Monday, 15 October 2012

Abbreviation used below:-
TQ =Top Qualifier (in class)
FTD=Fastest Time of Day (in class)
PBD=Personal Best of Day (for that driver)
PB =Personal Best (on this track for that driver)
TR =Track Record (for class)
2wd Buggy Mod A
TQ: Craig Laughton 12/5m5.679s
10th Scott Pettet (Q10) 12/5m18.417s(PBD in Rnd 2 3
9th Michael McDonnell (Q7) 12/5m15.122s(PBD in Rnd 3 6
8th Jody Denner (Q8) 12/5m15.132s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
7th Matthew Iverach (Q9) 12/5m14.662s(PBD in Rnd 3 10
6th Ashley Peeler (Q5) 12/5m10.998s(PBD in Rnd 2 10
5th Darren Johnston (Q6) 12/5m13.203s(PBD in Rnd 4 12
4th Andrew Gillott (Q4) 12/5m6.090s(PBD in Rnd 3 15
3rd Matt Griffin (Q2) 12/5m4.627s(TR in Rnd 3 18
2nd Josh Pain (Q3) 12/5m4.640s(PBD in Rnd 1 19
1st Craig Laughton (TQ) 12/5m5.679s(PBD in Rnd 2 19
2wd Buggy Mod B
10th Gavin Suckling (Q17) 11/5m3.788s(PBD in Rnd 1 5
9th Daniel Watt (Q14) 12/5m18.976s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
8th David Wilson (Q20) 11/5m4.267s(PBD in Rnd 4 6
7th Kevin Duffy (Q16) 12/5m26.319s(PBD in Rnd 2 9
6th Rob Thomas (Q18) 11/5m5.480s(PBD in Rnd 3 11
5th Dale Smulders (Q12) 12/5m17.913s(PBD in Rnd 2 11
4th Steve Smith (Q13) 12/5m20.608s(PBD in Rnd 2 11
3rd Andrew Selvaggi (Q19) 11/5m2.797s(PBD in Rnd 1 14
2nd Daniel Robins (Q15) 12/5m22.466s(PBD in Rnd 2 18
1st Tod Trower (Q11) 12/5m17.017s(PBD in Rnd 4 19
2wd Buggy Mod C
10th Damon Venafro (Q29) 11/5m15.298s(PBD in Rnd 3 2
9th Neil Wheare (Q30) 11/5m17.018s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
8th Joanthan Dobra (Q24) 11/5m12.388s(PBD in Rnd 3 9
7th Joel Back (Q27) 11/5m12.327s(PBD in Rnd 4 9
6th Fabio Silvi (Q26) 11/5m10.119s(PBD in Rnd 4 9
5th Alex Yapp (Q23) 11/5m9.854s(PBD in Rnd 1 13
4th Ken Isbister (Q28) 11/5m14.113s(PBD in Rnd 1 14
3rd Glen Flewers (Q22) 11/5m6.472s(PBD in Rnd 2 14
2nd Matthew Cull (Q25) 11/5m12.597s(PBD in Rnd 1 16
1st David Kilroy (Q21) 11/5m3.552s(PBD in Rnd 2 17
2wd Buggy Mod D
6th Braydon Johnston (Q36) 10/5m16.904s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 12
5th Renee Alsop (Q34) 10/5m7.172s(PBD in Rnd 2 14
4th Harry Tay (Q35) 10/5m10.690s(PBD in Rnd 4 14
3rd Chris Tyres (Q31) 11/5m17.101s(PBD in Rnd 1 16
2nd Chris Goldsmith (Q33) 11/5m19.090s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 16
1st Matthew Laughton (Q32) 11/5m19.491s(PBD in Rnd 4 18
Truck Mod A
TQ: Josh Pain 12/5m6.611s
10th Kerren Nottle (Q10) 11/5m16.559s(PBD in Rnd 2 11/5m11.629s(PBD in Rnd 3 5
9th Rob Thomas (Q9) 11/5m11.054s(PBD in Rnd 1 6
8th David Wilson (Q6) 12/5m24.237s(PBD in Rnd 4 10
7th Peter Thompson (Q7) 12/5m25.780s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
6th Heath Johnson (Q8) 11/5m7.504s(PBD in Rnd 1 11
5th Daniel Robins (Q5) 12/5m26.720s(PBD in Rnd 3 14
4th Tod Trower (Q4) 12/5m24.755s(PBD in Rnd 3 15
3rd Darren Johnston (Q3) 12/5m15.091s(PBD in Rnd 4 17
2nd Ashley Peeler (Q2) 12/5m14.219s(PBD in Rnd 3 19
1st Josh Pain (TQ) 12/5m6.611s(TR in Rnd 4 20
Truck Mod B
DNS Andrew Selvaggi (Q11) 0
6th Lee Skipworth (Q16) 10/5m12.965s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 8
5th Darren Wells (Q17) 8/5m13.478s(PBD in Rnd 4 12
4th Mark MacIntyre (Q13) 11/5m22.428s(PBD in Rnd 1 15
3rd David Kilroy (Q15) 10/5m1.696s(PBD in Rnd 1 11/5m27.724s(PBD in Rnd 3 15
2nd Cody Ireland (Q14) 11/5m26.960s(PBD in Rnd 4 17
1st Neil Wheare (Q12) 11/5m13.173s(PBD in Rnd 2 18
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